Forum rules

Basic forum rules

These rules apply anywhere on forum. In certain categories and sections, you may have your own rules that detail the rules of behavior in them. However, these rules remain mandatory in any case.

Rules are introduced to create a comfortable and constructive atmosphere of communication. If you are not satisfied with the established form of communication, refrain from participating in this form.

  1. Registration on forum
    1. Registration on forum
    2. By registering on forum, the user agrees to complete these Rules.
    3. To register on forum, the user must provide valid email address. We guarantee the confidentiality of this information.
    4. Choosing a username (login) is your exclusive right. The administration reserves the right to take measures to stop using the login if its use violates generally accepted moral and ethical standards or is offensive to other forum users.
    5. It is forbidden to register a login similar to those already existing to a degree that may be misleading other forum users.
    6. The repeated registration by one user is prohibited, regardless of the purposes with which such registration is made. This violation is extremely serious and leads to the blocking of all accounts.
    7. If you do not show activity on the forum for a long time, your account may be deleted.
  2. Order of conduct
    1. Communication on the forum is based on the principles of generally accepted morality and network etiquette.
    2. It is strictly forbidden to use obscene words, abuse, offensive expressions, regardless of the form in which they were addressed. Including when replacing letters with symbols.
    3. Any advertising is strictly prohibited, including advertising of Internet projects (except in cases of prior agreement with the administration).
    4. Your forum signature cannot be longer than two lines. It has the same requirements as forum messages.
  3. Posting
    1. The title of the topic should be informative, as clearly as possible reflecting the meaning of the problem.
    2. Before creating a new topic, make sure that you create it in the relevant section, and also try to make sure that this issue has not been discussed before.
    3. It is forbidden to create the same topics in different sections and post the same messages in different topics. You will be regarded as a spammer and will be banned forever.
  4. General information
    1. In their actions, the forum administration is guided by common sense and internal rules for managing the forum.
    2. Discussion of administration actions (forum administrators and moderators) is strictly prohibited in any forums and topics, with the exception of a specialized forum designed to discuss all aspects of the forum.
    3. The administration reserves the right to change the rules with the subsequent notification of the forum users. All changes and innovations on the forum are made taking into account the views and interests of users.
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    Mar 25, 2024
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