Unverified Ads KYC & AML | Drop Service | Verified Accounst | EU & USA | Personal & Business | Any services related to verification

    Hello, dear users! You have reached the drop service SMNV WALLET working without intermediaries. We are a reliable partner since 2019 for everyone who needs quality services and goods. - Verifications are exclusively manual drops (only real EU/USA verif, through ID and passport, no IOUs!). -...
  2. Mustang Studio

    HQ Drawing documents | Verify Accs KYC | Antiban 100% | PSD Templates

    90% of renderers have no knowledge of working with documents. And even more so in the nuances that your wallet depends on... Wasting your time and nerves trying to get quality renderings? Have you blocked your account and need an urgent document? Are you looking for a cheap option and don't...
  3. cryptoservice

    Bank Carding UK/AUSTRALIA DROPS needed 50k-100k

    Hello, I m offering my services again for UK/AU clients. Serveral jobs are available and mostly are crypto apps and bank jobs. If you can get clients hmu for more details
  4. Koc

    Everything about Drops

    Drop - who is it and why is he necessary? A successful carding involves the interaction of a few people - the one who'll vbiv and the one who'll deliver. Unfortunately, the drop (from English drop - parcel, discard) performs the most dirty part of the work. He takes a card-paid product or other...
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