1. oldmanintheoldhousee

    Moneymaking I web-coder, doing sites, bots, and their copies. Looking for a job

    Hello, I'm a freelancer. I write excellent website copies, as well as unique websites and bots for telegramm. I will set up your server, redesign your existing sites or bots and more. I specialize in python, django, fastapi, Postgresql, mongoDB, nginx, linux etc. You can use my email to discuss...
  2. M

    Virtual Carding Yo guys i need help finding a cc site

    So someone told me that there is a private cc site which he uses (which is just a low-key site) and it begins with the letter "p", can anyone help me find it because he doesn't want to tell me šŸ˜­ I heard about but I'm not sure if it's legit
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