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Jun 28, 2020
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Ready to Explore a World of Exceptional Financial Opportunities?
We're excited to share an exclusive educational opportunity that focuses on carding – a space where smart individuals can excel. Our courses provide a comprehensive entry point to various underground business spheres, designed not only for carding enthusiasts but also for those in search of substantial income and personal development.

The Art of Carding: Unlocking Your Potential
At the heart of our educational program lies the art of carding, a discipline that empowers individuals to acquire goods and services, including electronics, clothing, and equipment, using credit card and bank account information. Additionally, there are various ways to earn money immediately for your efforts, without handling physical products. We provide guidance right from the start to help you achieve consistent profits

Comprehensive Curriculum
Our comprehensive curriculum includes:
  • Foundation Course
  • A deep dive into carding terminology
  • Strategies for ensuring online security and anonymity
  • Mastery of virtual machine setup (Virtual Box, VMware)
  • Advanced credit card knowledge (bins, types, recommended cards), DOB, and SSN
  • Techniques for operations across the USA, Europe, and Asia
  • Effective selection of websites for carding
  • Successful carding methods and strategies for bypassing security systems
  • Overcoming challenges with online shops (including phone calls and scans)
  • Strategies for monetizing various products and services:
    • Drops (recruitment and execution)
    • Intermediaries
    • E-Gift Cards
    • Carding popular online platforms (Steam, Humblebundle, etc.)
    • Cashout methods

Bank Accounts Course
A comprehensive exploration of bank account terminology
Techniques for retrieving information on any US citizen
Research on financial institutions
Mechanics of creating bank accounts
Strategies for fund transfer, withdrawal, and cashout
Methods for working with non-owned accounts (brute force/logs)
Building and executing diverse fund withdrawal schemes
Depositing and withdrawing funds from investment offices
Detailed security guidelines, including responsibility and consequences
Optimization of system configurations for seamless operations
Emphasis on rapid earnings for novice practitioners (all topics covered in a single course)

Exclusive Benefits
In addition to top-notch training, our club offers exclusive services:
  • Club Status and Private Section
  • Elevate your forum status and unlock access to a private section that provides real-time insights into carding.
  • Network with fellow members, share closely guarded secrets, showcase achievements, and receive expert guidance.
  • Enjoy a 5% discount on Escrow-Service and a 25% discount for advertising your services.

Meet Our Expert Faculty
Our educators are consummate professionals who have earned their positions within our forum team through exemplary expertise. Moreover, select lectures are delivered by our most distinguished course alumni, offering you an additional avenue for personal success. The opportunity is open to you as well!

The Training Experience
Course Duration: 6 weeks (comprising 20 theory lessons, personal consultations, and hands-on practical sessions)
The number of classes can be tailored to ensure comprehensive understanding.
Following course completion, you remain an esteemed member of our club with ongoing support.
Access new lecture series on emerging domains within the club.

Investment in Excellence
Enroll in our prestigious course for an investment of $300 and set your journey toward success in motion!

How to Begin Your Journey
Ready to take the first step? Here's how to start:
  • Purchase a Carding class status and reserve your spot.
  • Receive detailed system setup instructions.
  • Attain club status and embark on your transformative course.

Chart Your Course to Success
As our club continues to expand, we offer a diverse array of opportunities each month, ensuring that every ambition finds its path to realization. As a club member, you'll consistently be at the forefront of emerging opportunities.

Contacts for entries, questions, payment:
PM -
Telegram -
(Be careful! Do not fall for the fake)
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Jun 28, 2020
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The next group will start on December 21


Apr 14, 2021
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bro, where have you been>
Sign hey guys!
Thank you for welcoming me into your forum, I will be constantly active Aswell you can reach me the easiest on telegram. @Longwalkshortdock. I'm an ameture carder with lots to learn but I'm a fast learner and I already have a few sources for dumps/cc's/bank drops/high quality forgeries/ crypto accounts/fullz so I would like to think I'm off to a good start. I am hoping to enter this course with 100% commitment and 100% dedication Aswell any tips on better device proxy setups/ resources/ cash out methods is greatly appreciated!! I'm a 27 yr old oilfield worker from BC Canada, so making my computer/devices access American banks and apps for fullz was the first challenge I had to face, coming from a non technical or computer savvy background it was a challenge but I nearly have it flawless now. Currently I am spending every free moment I have learning how to use git and resources for git such as Github and Python with hopes of one day having multiple bots! Anyways, thank you for the war. Welcome I will be looking forward to this course Aswell as meeting the members/ learning the exclusive resources of this club. Please don't hesitate to message me anytime for any reason! Cheers - longwalkshortdock
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