How To Choose A Proxy Server


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A forward proxy server can be understood as an intermediary between the client and the external network. It will evaluate the outbound request and quickly take actions before relaying the request to the external resource. Most of the proxy servers you encounter are forward proxies such as VPN(Virtual Private Networks) and Web content filters.

A reserve proxy server sits between a network and multiple other internal resources. Simply speaking, a large website may have dozens of servers. These servers collectively provide services for the requests from a single domain. During the process, the clients’ request will be resolved to a machine which acts as a load balancer. Then the traffic will go back to the individual servers through the proxy.

Before you choose a proxy server, you are supposed to fully figure out its function in order to make sure that it can meet your use case. As different proxy servers work different ways, here are the introductions of some kinds of proxy servers:

-Transparent Proxy:

Like its name, a transparent proxy can be identified by the website and your real IP address can also be tracked. It’s often used by business, public libraries and school for content filtering.

-Anonymous Proxy:

To the contrary, an anonymous proxy won’t pass along your IP address. It can avoid identity theft and protect your privacy of browsing habits. Also, you won’t be bothered by the annoying marketing content which are served based on your location.

-Distorting Proxy:

Distorting proxy is like the upgraded version of an anonymous proxy because the proxy server passes along a fake(false) IP address for you. By passing a false IP address, you can appear to be from a different location. So it’s possible for you to get around some content restrictions.

-High Distorting Proxy:

High distorting proxy periodically changes the IP address they present to the web server. Thus it’s very difficult to track the traffic belongings. It’s thought to be the most private and secure way to browse the Internet.

Though there are many proxy servers with comprehensive functions, yet there are still many risks that we need to pay attention to, such as:

-“Free Trap”:

Please tread very carefully when you encounter a totally free proxy server. “Free” implies that they didn’t invest a lot in the hardware or encryption and the potential data security issue may be quite serious.

-Browsing history log:

As the proxy server can own your original IP address, you need to check if your proxy server logs and saves the web request information locally.

-Encryption capability:

A proxy server without encryption equals you are sending your requests as a plain text and your usernames、passwords and other account information can be read very easily.

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