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How Does PayPal Prevent Account Associations:​

Although the benefits of having multiple PayPal accounts are obvious, having multiple account associations is a stumbling block. Here is some advice for PayPal’s multi-account anti-association:

1. Firstly, when registering a PayPal account, it is important to use completely different personal information and note that this information has never been used to register for PayPal. The account password should also be set completely different, as long and complex as possible, which can better ensure account security.

2. Besides, it is recommended to use different IP addresses and devices to log in to different PayPal accounts. As is well known, IP addresses and devices are the most easily detected association by the platform. Therefore, we need to log in to a PayPal account using the one IP address and try to avoid using public WiFi to log in to a PayPal account. Perhaps other sellers have also logged in here so that the IP addresses of the two are the same and there will be an association. Additionally, it is important to note that one device can only log in to one PayPal account for transactions. If a computer logs in to multiple PayPal accounts, one account will be banned and other accounts will also suffer.

3. The most crucial thing is to use an anti-detect browser. If you have multiple PayPal accounts, using multiple devices is time-consuming and inconvenient. Using an anti-detect browser can solve this problem. The commonly used VMLogin Antidetect Browser can register and log in to multiple PayPal accounts using only one computer, and the accounts are not associated with each other.

How does it achieve batch registration, log in to multiple PayPal accounts, and ensure security?

Within VMLogin, virtual profiles are created. A profile is equivalent to a PayPal account, and each profile has its own unique digital fingerprint. It also supports users to customize various fingerprint information, such as WebRTC, User Agent, WebGL, Resolution, Canvas, etc., making it impossible for websites and platforms to detect that multiple accounts are on the same device.

In addition, by pairing each profile with an independent proxy IP, users can hide their real IP and location, which means they can always remain anonymous. These profiles are all independent of each other, and the data is stored in the cloud and locally, and the data is completely isolated from each other and will not be leaked.

This not only allows you to confidently log in to multiple PayPal accounts using one computer, but also ensures the security of your account and data.


All in all, in addition to the points mentioned above, everyone must abide by PayPal’s platform rules. For example, acts of fraud or assisting fraud, sales of fake, shoddy, sensitive, and prohibited items, a high proportion of complaints and returns, and short-term frequent payments, cash withdrawals, or other frequent operations may all lead to account bans.

Therefore, if you want to log in to multiple PayPals without association, you must be careful everywhere, but don’t worry, the VMLogin Antidetect Browser can help you solve most of the troubles.
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