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Legit Bank Logins 100%| Bank Logs With Email Access 2021

Buy Bank Logs with email access and cookies from legit bank logins shop.
I am a 100% scammers and all this is just bullshit for me to rip all noobs who are stupid
Carders need bank logs on a daily basis for their cashout methods. It becomes so hard to find a real plug to buy bank logs with email access from since a lot of people are only after your money. To that end, I have decided to drop this write up on how to buy legit bank logins with email access and cookies if you want to cash out big in 2021.

There are a lot of things you can do with bank logs ranging from CC top up, cashing out Zelle, ACH and a lot more. We have some cash out tutorials on deck for our customers who do not have any bank log cash out method available.

When you buy the logs from us, you can request for the accompanying method if you do not have one, but note that we may not be able to give you the method if you did not buy any log from us. A lot of people have contacted us to help them cash out logs they bought from the darkweb which are either suspended or invalid logs. In that case, we may not be able to help you; we can only help you with the logs you bought from us.
What is Bank Log and How do we get them?

Bank logs are the login information (username, email, cookies and account details) of an individual’s account. Spammers create phishing sites and send them to targets, when a target clicks on the link to sign in to his/her online banking platform, the login IP, username and password is captured and sent to the spammer's email.

Trending Method: Cash App Sauce, Paypal Sauce,Venmo Sauce,Zelle Sauce Carding Method

The spammer will then decide to sell it to hackers, carders or to those that cash out bank logs or cash it out themselves.

There are several methods of cashing out bank logs which range from using it to top up cc, do zelle transfer, ACH and many more.
Why do we Sell logs?

A lot of people do ask us why we sell the bank logs and not cash them out ourselves, the answer is simple. We spam every day and have thousands of logs available, we cash out as we can and sell the rest before the owner detects that his/her information is captured and closes the account.

With that being said, if you want to buy any bank log from us, kindly contact us and tell us the bank you want and the balance you need. If we don’t have the bank you want, you can make a pre-order or we tell you the one we have at the moment.
How to Buy Bank Logs With Email Access 2021

- Bank Login : Username + Password Number (full info)
- Account : Email Address + Password (full info)
- Have all details for login and i can transfer balance to your account (Bank Login if you want

* Price for Bank Login !!!

- BankLogin US: (Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo...)

$200 = Balance $3000

$400 = Balance $5000

$600 = Balance $9000

$1000 = Balance $15000

*Price for UK Bank login !!!

- Bank Login UK: (LLOYDS, TSB, BARCLAYS, Standard Chartered, HSBC...)

$250 = Balance 4000 GBP

$400 = Balance 9000 GBP

$500 = Balance 15000 GBP

$8000 = Balance 20000 GBP

======================BANK TRANSFER======================

Rules For Bank Transfer :

For bank transfer you will provide me your bank info and i will transfer funds into your account within time limit as we promised . I will only do one transfer in a week on one bank account . If you need more transfers then arrange more bank accounts .

Bank Transfer Rates:

For $1500 transfer = $200

For $2000 Transfer = $250

For $3500 Transfer = $450

For $5000 Transfer = $600

For $7000 Transfer = $700

Info needed for Bank transfers :-

1: Bank name
2: Bank address
3: Zip code
4: Account Holder
5: Account number
6: Account Type
7: Routing number

Bank transfer will take maximum 1hour for money to Reflect in your bank account.

Bank To Bank Transfer To Any Usa Bank
Bank To Bank Transfer To Any Uk Bank
Bank To Bank Transfer To Any Euro Country Bank
Amount To Pay For That Depend On Amount You Want To Transfer


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MAIL: [email protected]

Telegram : @vbulletindu0n

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