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Welcome! We bring to your attention an innovative browser - an antidetect of the new generation. We are confident that thanks to this product your capabilities will reach a whole new level and you will not be able to imagine what it was like to be tormented by dozens of virtual machines and their settings.

What is the difference from the existing solutions of antidetects?

- Browser works in OTR-mode, which makes it the safest
- Browser is deprived of any hidden connections, which can’t be obtained in any boxed solution
- Browser encrypts all stored information in the AES-256 encryption standard
- Browser from the box is equipped with everything necessary for working with network connections: SOCKS, SSH, TOR, TOR + SSH
- Browser allows you to work with different types of connections SIMULTANEOUSLY
- Browser contains built-in professional antidetect, which allows you to use all possible configurations of users, permissions, language, system time, geo-position, etc., changing them "on the fly"
- Browser preserves fingerprints and cookies for each of the sessions, allowing you to work from one place with hundreds of different personalities without the need for constant switching between virtual machines
- You don’t need any settings at all to get started quickly, anonymously and safely

We offer a brief video presentation of the product:

The only official site for the purchase of the browser:

We don’t teach the direct work with the browser, but we want to note that it was tested in special conditions by us and specialists from friendly boards, and proved to be very worthy.
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Je suis intéressé par likensphere, pouvez-vous me dire combien coûte la licence
s'il te plaît. Un débutant peut-il l'utiliser facilement? Les configurations sont-elles déjà
disponible? Merci de m'avoir répondu
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