Newbie Questions Need a mentor Or a partner for cashing credit cards


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Hello everyone, I am looking for a person who can cash cards in crypto exchanges without verification. I am ready to purchase credit cards and RDP for work .. % we will discuss in person. It is desirable to write to people with experience. I will also consider your other suggestions for cash out cards. I am ready to provide cards with each profit more and more, since I do not have a large balance. Or I will consider working with a mentor who will teach cash out in shops or in crypto exchanges for a% of the profit. I have one 2ds shop that sends directly to the drop address, but two of my attempts were crowned with declline. Communication in the PM of the forum. I hope at least here I will find people who are really engaged in carding and understand a lot about work, because I have already been to many forums and apart from the old manuals there is nothing there, and no one really could help, maybe here it will turn out to find the person I need.
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