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In this small post I will talk about the main reasons causing your payment to be declined.

First and the most important thing that sinks most people is where does your data come from.
If you think that paying high registration fee on site like unicc mean you get high quality CC you're wrong, getting CC like this obtain the risk of previous attempts to use it (which makes it nearly impossible to do something) or being sold somewhere else. Your cc ALWAYS need to be first hand, directly obtained from the owner. No matter what autoshops keep saying on their ads. If you want to live from carding or have a decent income as a regular autoshop user it'll happen maybe in your dreams.

1) Firsthand CC (Same for bank logs) - Very important, always keep in mind

The second thing I will talk about is "methods". If all your carding attempts are based on the step-by-step methods posted on this and carding forums, stop it. (Not even talking about people who pay for this.. for this few lines of text). At all, carding is just about putting someone's card data and making a purchase and if you think you can look like the cardholder by following someone's steps like a robot you'll never get success. You just have to follow the basic identity-hide procedures everything else is up to YOU. If you're not enhanced in IT or networking related stuff it might be hard to determine what might be used to secure payments, but in theory it's mostly very simple things. Look around the forum you can figure this out without further explanation.

2) No methods - The second most common reason. Lot of people are like robots believing in years old methods being reposted until today. I see lot of these

Lot of people think they're failing on things like VBV or address verification, but at that time their card is already blocked by the bank for unauthorized purchase/attempt by another carder or newbie.

The 3rd and last thing is what you start from. If you've never carded anything and trying to ship iPhone X because you saw a method for it, no words. Good luck
3) Start with simple things - Food.

But now back to the first reason. I haven't seen almost any post related to obtaining CC your own way and without knowing that the reason 1 makes no sense.
So here's few tips to get CC ( Investment required )

1. Spamming (Mail)
Mail spamming is the second common way to obtain credit card information. There's lot of spam "techniques", but I'll only talk about what I used and what worked myself.
Basically what you do is prepare a copy of any popular site (For example bank site, any shopping site) and send it along with fake "letter" to many people through mail. Also make sure your site has address validator and also check format of other data to make sure anything's not mistyped by the victim.
You need to be creative about this, take a look online what other people did. (Will make detailed post about this)

2. Database dumping
There's lot of dumb sites that save their customer payment data storen in a weak database. Databases are usually searched in mass by finding website links using dorks and performing SQLi queries on them, but someone might want to do this manually when targetting specific sites. I feel this method is very useless for people who can't write their own high-quality dorks or have other way to find weak websites. In case you use public dorks you maybe find CC database, but 99.99% it was already dumped by another hacker already wandering around the market.

Of course there's more ways, but these are the most used ones but feel free to do some research if need to know more!

I hope this post helped you a bit and wish you good luck carding!
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