1. Koc

    News Unprecedented hacking of Twitter could be carried out using internal tools

    Cybercriminals who claimed responsibility for the incident could bribe a social network employee. Twitter has reported new data on an unprecedented massive cyber attack on celebrity accounts. Recall that on Wednesday, July 15, cybercriminals involved in cryptocurrency fraud, hacked into...
  2. Koc

    News Hacker stole more than 8,2 thousand databases from the is firm Night Lion Security

    A cybercriminal using the alias NightLion reported hacking the internal servers of the American is firm Night Lion Security. The hacker allegedly stole information from the "data leak detection" service DataViper, owned by Night Lion Security. The stolen information includes more than 8,225...
  3. Koc

    News Cybercriminals try to steal administrator passwords from F5 BIG-IP devices

    Attackers began to exploit the vulnerability in F5 BIG-IP three days after its disclosure. NCC Group security researcher Rich Warren has documented a series of cyber attacks on F5 BIG-IP network devices. According to the expert, attackers exploit a vulnerability in the configuration...
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