1. Easycred

    Introducing the Easycred Shopbot: Your Destination for Legit Software, Dumps, and Methods!

    Introducing the Easycred Shopbot: Your Destination for Legit Software, Dumps, and Methods! Dear Blackbones Community, We are thrilled to introduce @Easycredbot, your one-stop destination for dark web software, dumps, and innovative methods to enhance your carding experience. Whether you're a...
  2. R

    Cloning still possible in 2024?

    Wassup guys. Me and a friend of mine are determined to make money off cloning. We were successfull cashing out with x2 back in 2022 but since then x2 doesnt work any more. Now we found a possible new way to clone ccs. We are interested in creating a small group of cash-hungry individuals. We...
  3. C

    Hacking POS HACKING

    If anybody knows how to hack a old POS (point of sale) please answer this thread with your tg
  4. G

    Real Carding Skimming EMV Info

    When planting a skimming device in an ATM, If the device is a magnetic strip reader that reads 3 tracks, would you be able to find out the EMV info to duplicate card? Or would you have to build a skimmer that reads magnetic info and a secondary skimmer that reads the EMV chip? Gracias
  5. Koc

    Real Carding Dumps Tutorials

    Let's take a look over the stuff you will need to get real cash from a dump. 1.First at all you need a valid dump.This is most important and most difficult to find.In the virtual space there are lot of fake sellers which pretend to have dumps,all say "fresh stuff" but you should know that many...
  6. Koc

    Real Carding Guide for using Dumps

    Dumps with pin is a really great way to invest your money to make great profits. Just like our logo «we sell money for money», but to start making great profits from our products you must know how to use dumps+pin! *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit...
  7. Koc

    Real Carding Dumps Cashout via ATM/POS

    On this post, I am going to write about dumps cashout method 2020, how to write dumps on blank cards, how to get cvv from dumps, dumps atm cashout and a lot of other things you need to know about dumps with pin (101 and 201). We will also be discussing safety precautions to take while cashing...
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