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  1. Koc

    News ATM maker Diebold Nixdorf has discovered a new form of attack in Eastern Europe

    Diebold Nixdorf experts have warned of a new variation of the black box attacks on ATMs, which began to be used by attackers in Belgium. Black box attacks are a form of jackpotting attacks in which cybercriminals literally force an ATM to spit out money. Such an attack can be carried out using...
  2. Koc

    News Hacker put up for sale database with 2 million Citrix customer records

    The price of a database called citrix_leads_vivo is 2.15 bitcoin. A hacker posted an ad on a clandestine darknet forum selling a database allegedly owned by Citrix, an American software maker. According to the seller, he gained access to more than 2 million records of the company's...
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