News Hacker put up for sale database with 2 million Citrix customer records


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The price of a database called citrix_leads_vivo is 2.15 bitcoin.


A hacker posted an ad on a clandestine darknet forum selling a database allegedly owned by Citrix, an American software maker. According to the seller, he gained access to more than 2 million records of the company's customers.

The price of a database called citrix_leads_vivo is 2.15 bitcoins (approximately $ 20 thousand) and includes:

  • Names and surnames;
  • Phone numbers;
  • Company names;
  • Email Addresses
  • Registration Dates
  • Information about the country, state, or zip code.
A specialist from Under the Breach contacted the seller and received a screenshot of the database for sale.

This is not the first time that Citrix has been exposed to a cyber attack. Recall that in March last year, Citrix announced a hacker attack in which attackers managed to gain access to the company's internal network and steal business documents.
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