News About 15 billion stolen credentials found on clandestine trading floors


Jun 28, 2020
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The highest cost are financial accounts and accounts with high privileges.
Specialists from Digital Shadows found 15 billion credentials on various underground trading floors on the darknet. Compromised credentials were stolen as a result of more than 100 thousand hacks and provide access to various accounts, including domain administrator accounts, bank and financial accounts, as well as social network services and streaming platforms.

Prices on clandestine trading floors for such information range from an average of $ 71 for bank accounts, $ 21 for access to anti-virus software accounts, and up to $ 3.1 thousand for domain administrator accounts. Logins and passwords for video game user accounts and file sharing sites were available for less than $ 2 per record.

According to experts, the credentials for financial accounts with confirmed cash or accounts with privileged access to the networks and systems of large enterprises were sold at very high prices. At clandestine forums, dozens of advertisements for administrator accounts were found that were auctioned to bidders at prices ranging from $ 500 to $ 120,000.

In total, 25% of stolen and leaked credentials were related to bank and other financial accounts. Other popular ad categories included streaming service, proxy / VPN, and cable TV accounts.

According to experts, the threat of hacking is aggravated by the tendency among a large number of Internet users to use the same and often easily guessed passwords for several accounts. Tools like the Sentry MBA and OpenBullet have made it easy for cybercriminals to check millions of usernames and passwords. Thus, attackers can use the credentials obtained as a result of one hack to try to gain access to other accounts.

According to the results of a study by Digital Shadows, the number of compromised credentials available to cybercriminals on the darknet has grown by 300% since 2018. According to experts, of the 15 billion stolen credentials, about 5 billion are unique.

Illegal trading platforms such as Genesis Market, UnderWorld Market and Tenebris provide criminals with the ability to rent access to various types of accounts, including e-commerce, streaming and social networks, sometimes for only $ 10 dollars for a certain period of use.
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