Virtual Carding AMAZON CARDING 2021 [TESTED]

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We all know how hard and annoying amazon has been!
The MACHINE LEARNING of amazon is a beast and it has blocked so much of our carding trial but no more!

There are many factors which I am not sure about but the following worked for me. I have tested it myself and I am still improving on it.

  • There is no need to age account for many days or months at all!!
  • There is no need of cracked account!!

The method works with new account as long as you pass as a legit user.

Amazon method is not easy to pull off and in 2021, you will NOT BE ABLE to card giftcard and electronics in 1 go but there's a method which will eventually help us card those gift card and electronic goodies.

  • The key idea is make a clean amazon account using clean Tools and making some legit transaction first in ORDER to build up TRUST/LEGITNESS

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