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Dec 1, 2020
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Proxies are available in our Telegram bot:

Free proxies are usually open public proxies.

Unlike private proxies, public proxies do not require registration or password knowledge. In fact, they are an error or an oversight by a system administrator who is responsible for the proxy server installed on the computer and has not taken care of changing the standard settings. As a result, such a server is quickly in the network with a special scanner and becomes the property of the public thirsting for anonymity. This information is quite enough to roam the expanses of the World Wide Web without publicizing your real IP address.

Such proxies have obvious advantages:
  • Simple configuration - such proxies do not require authorization and are very easy to configure.
  • No restrictions on traffic or purpose of use
  • They are free!

However, this "panacea of anonymity," in addition to its undeniable advantages, has significant disadvantages:
  • The more users learn about the appearance of a free proxy (public), the slower it starts to work. Although proxy servers are usually put on powerful servers, their capabilities are not infinite and at some point they cease to cope with the flow of requests.
  • For the same reason the number of responses to the public proxy is much less than when working through its own IP address. The loss reaches up to 50% of the total number of requests
  • The public proxy always disappears at the most inappropriate and unexpected moment, which comes as soon as the administrator of the proxy draws attention to the low performance of the system and finds out the reasons for its overload. As a result, access is quickly closed by a password and the proxy from the public to the private one.
  • Due to the large number of users, such proxies are usually on the blacklists of all known services and are not suitable for serious work.
  • Many opportunities are often closed on such proxies (mail distribution, FTP, SSH, etc.).

Free proxies are not suitable for serious work, so we put them in the public domain without fear of losing clients.

Available in our Telegram bot:
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