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Apr 7, 2021
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Why Use a Multilogin Alternative

Since the effectiveness of Multilogin is not questionable, why then should marketers even lookout for alternatives? It might interest you to know that it is not just a mere search for alternatives; they are in actual need of an alternative because of the below reasons.
  • Multilogin Pricing is Considered Over-priced by Small Marketers
If you had monitored the pricing of Multilogin, you would notice that the pricing of Multilogin has changed and increased over time. As far back as in 2017, when the price for their smallest paid plan was $60 monthly, there has been an outcry among small marketers. This did not stop the management of Multilogin from increasing the price to $80.

Now, the price for their smallest plan is $120. And if you are looking forward to going for their automation plan, then you will have to pay a minimum of $244 monthly. Why big marketers and even small ones that make get big ROI do not have reasons to complain the small marketers can’t afford this on a monthly basis and as such, they are out looking for alternatives.
  • The Need for a Free Trial
There was a time whereby Multilogin provided a free plan with limitations hoping it will be used for not commercial purposes. Unfortunately, this was abused by marketers until Multilogin discontinued this plan.

Now, the best you can get is a free trial. This had led marketers that do not have the money to pay for the expensive pricing of Multilogin to look elsewhere. Fortunately for them, there are some Multilogin alternatives that provide free plans for small marketers and non-commercial usage.

Best Multilogin Alternatives in the Market

With some of the issues Mutilogin has, it is not out of place for Internet marketers to look out for alternatives. If you are one of them, then you need to know that there are a good number of them in the market right now. Below are some of the best Multilogin alternatives you can use to manage and create multiple Facebook accounts and evade browser fingerprinting.

  • Pricing: Starts from $10 for 10 browser profiles
  • Free Trial: Solo plan is free
  • Platform Support: Windows and Mac
AdsPower software is another alternative to Mutilogin. According to the information on the AdsPower website, it described itself as an anti-association service for e-commerce marketers. This allows you to create different browser profiles, each with its own browser fingerprint making it possible for you to manage multiple accounts from one software.

This multi-account management software can be used for any web platform – e-commerce stores, social media, and other types of websites. The software supports team collaboration which makes teams and groups work in an efficient manner. Another feature you will come to like about the AdsPower software is that it has support for social media automation. It has support for proxies and has got a good number of partners.

  • Pricing: Starts from $59 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Platform Support: Windows (desktop), Android (mobile)
The Kameleo application is one of the best Multilogin alternatives. This app has been designed to help you avoid browser fingerprinting use virtual browser profiles while surfing the Internet. With Kameleo, you can be undetected while managing multiple accounts on social media sites and carrying out your marketing campaign. Aside from regular browser fingerprint, you could also use the Kameleo app to spoof your canvas fingerprint. Kameleo provides you with all the features you need to stay away from prying eyes.

  • Pricing: Starts from $49 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: 7 days free trial
  • Platform Support: Windows, Linux, Mac
The Gologin software is another software you can use as a replacement for Multilogin. Gologin is feature-rich and can meet your need for a privacy-focused browser that will not reveal your real digital footprint online. One thing you will come to like about Gologin is that it provides free proxies, and as such, you will not have to worry yourself looking for proxies to use to make the software a full package of anonymity. Gologin has competitive pricing and provides a 7 days free trial option with full features.

  • Pricing: Starts from $99 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: 3 days free trial
  • Platform Support: Windows
The Vmlogin is one of the perfect alternatives of Multilogin. This software will help you replace multiple computers with virtual browser profiles. The Vmlogin software will help you control browser fingerprinting. One thing you will come to like about the Vmlogin browser fingerprinting control feature is that it does not prevent fingerprinting.

Linken Sphere
  • Pricing: Strives on donation and payment for software
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Platform Support: Desktop
Linken Sphere sends all web requests through the Tor Network. The Tor Network is an anonymous network that keeps one’s identity hidden. The Tor network is one of the first in terms of fighting against browser fingerprinting. The major payment method for Linken Sphere is Bitcoin, but you can contact them for an alternative payment method.



Apr 7, 2021
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AdsPower is a multi-login antidetect browser. It provides users separated browsing environments for each account to protect them from unauthorized browser fingerprinting. AdsPower is a "must-have" tool for privacy concious users, as well as online marketing, e-commerce, advertising and web data mining professionals.

Pricing plans
Free plan: permanantly free (2 browser profiles)
Paid subscriptions: from $10
Customized plans: 600000+ browser profiles

Referral program
Earn 50% of your referrals' first order in the first month of use

Core features of AdsPower


1. Bulk management of multiple accounts on multiple platforms
You can import/export a batch of accounts using logins and passwords or cookies on e-Commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. Also, bulk account creation and management and ad optimization on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tinder, Pinterest, Tik Tok and VK is supported.

2. Anti-fingerprinting
AdsPower provides an independent browser profile for each account with different fingerprints, including time zones, WebRTC, locations, languages, User Agent, fonts, resolutions, Canvas, WebGL images, and so on.

3. Automatic IP matching
AdsPower can be integrated with 3rd party solutions such as HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5. Also, it can automatically match browser location settings with 911s5, Oxylabs, and Luminati residential proxies.

4. Browser Automation
Any repetitive task can be automated in AdsPower. You can automate Facebook account checks and management, as well as other operations, through a selection of automated API.

5. Team collaboration and efficient authorization
AdsPower is designed for teams of all sizes. In teamwork plans, you can grant access to team members through three authorization levels (administrator-manager-member) to allow them to manage the accounts.

6. Professional customer service and technical support
AdsPower provides detailed tutorial videos and graphics, professional online customer service, and distance technical support to help you to learn about this program.

- Facebook:
- Telegram:
- Business: [email protected]
- Support: [email protected]
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