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Oct 7, 2020
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We are glad to provide you services for call

flooding attack!

A person starts receiving phone calls with no

possibility to get rid of them, because the

numbers we use are different, and blacklist is

not an option in this case!

There can be several kinds of flood:
1) No Caller ID calls;
2) Change of SIP caller ID;
3) GSM numbers attack.

For successful use of the 3rd option you should

have a huge stock of numbers in possession to

suspend user's blacklist (because it's


An important info: user might have a special

application for blocking unwanted calls or ask

his network provider for a blacklist service.
If there's just a simple application, all

incoming calls would be blocked and wouldn't

appear on the screen. But in this case the line

would be busy anyway, and no one else would be

able to get through.
If blacklist service is provided by a network,

another approach is used for attack.

Talking about the most basic form of attack we

mean No Caller ID flooding. It's the easiest

thing to do in this case.
But it's simple to protect yourself from this

kind of attack: a user merely blocks all

incoming calls from No Caller ID numbers. Also

it's possible to install Caller ID application

which reveals all hidden numbers attacking the

phone. The same service can be provided for

landline phones and multichannel phone numbers

as well.

Let's now talk about change of SIP caller ID.

This method is good because each next incoming

call would have completely another (unique)

phone number and the user wouldn't have a

physical possibility to block them all. There

would be plenty of numbers, basically appearing

out of thin air.
Another advantage of this method is the choice

of phone numbers range. Sometimes, it's even

possible to choose certain phone numbers

(digits) for outgoing calls. When whitelist of

user is known, it would give you a huge

A major minus of this method is price.

Providers aren't really interested in using

their network capacity this way, with no profit

and real use for them. Also all SIP calls can

be blocked as well, and there wouldn't be any

sense in such an attack.

One of the best solutions is GSM numbers attack

(not SIP). Of course, for a successful flooding

there should be a big stock of numbers.
The only way to avoid this is to block incoming

calls with certain area codes. But in this case

a specific area code can be found, although

it's a bit more complicated.
Having learned the nuances of network providers

services, we can state that the best way to

prevent this kind of flooding (attack) is:
1) Installation of a powerful caller ID

application that reveals all numbers;
2) Blocking No Caller ID calls;
3) Blocking SIP calls;
4) Blocking calls from numbers with certain

area codes.

All these methods mentioned above works,

however, when a user is going to keep his phone

number. A phone number can be of great

importance to user, and losing it would mean

losing all contacts as well (clients,

employees, workers, etc).

We monitor the whole process from the very

BEGINNING until the END. We trace users

activity to prevent him from blocking our

calls. We use different methods and kinds of


We achieve our aim and accomplish the task by

various ways.

Attention! We ask everyone to check the name of

Telegram profile before contacting us, because

of numerous bots and possible frauds!
Be cautious!
P.S. For users of our forum we offer lower

prices than indicated on the website. Please,

don't forget to mention how you learned about

us when doing an order!

Prices increase and services range expansion

are planned in the future.

Besides calls, we provide SMS attacks as well!


Our Telegram: @SUPERFLOD

Direct Telegram link: http://tlgg.ru/SUPERFLOD

E-Mail: [email protected]
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