Jun 28, 2020
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How to bypass the antifraud system?

Antifraud systems are constantly being improved, preventing carders from buying goods from stores from other cards. Different stores have different degrees of protection, which usually depends on how often carding occurs in the shop’s life. In this article, I will give advice on how best to bypass the antifraud system and how not to get caught by law enforcement.

Correct billing information

The easiest way to check the order is to check billing information and delivery address. Usually, information is not reconciled if the purchase is not of a particularly large size or is not important to the store. However, if the amount of the order is quite large, the information will probably be checked before sending.

As a rule, the reconciliation does not go to the exact address - usually check the coincidence of the delivery region and the place of residence of the customer. In case of suspicions - verification is carried out more precisely, in some cases the customer is contacted by telephone, which is not advantageous for us.

To get bypass it, refer to the Carding Forum. First of all, you should look for shops that don’t have much checking during work. In the second, you can order goods in the same region where the billing information leads. Of course, the best option is a complete coincidence, but carding usually doesn’t allow it.

Bypass 2FA

Two-factor authentication is the most common antifraud method of protection. Bypassing it is the true art in carding.

The easiest way to do that is to simply access the cardholder’s phone. Unfortunately, in almost all cases, that’s impossible. However, it is sometimes possible to do so by having links with companies that can produce a copy of the SIM card, or by using special equipment.

As a result, the best option is to bypass banks and sites that offer two-factor authentication. Often services like PSN do not require authentication, especially when using services on consoles. You can find this out by reading the Carding Forums - as a rule, information about such shops is spread quickly.

Finding a store that does not use its own two-factor authentication is easy - either it is verified by the payment system (the site displays the inscription «Verifed by Visa/Mastercard») or yet "too young" to use its own systems.
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