Virtual Carding I want non vbv bin high balance. Please share.

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thanks you. how to find non vbv bin. or how to check this bin is non vbv or vbv
non vbv are manually checked by people.
They buy a cc and test it and if it passes on a 3D site then the cc has a non bin.

many people has tested them so that's why we now have some non vbv bin list available online (google).

Unfortunately, cc owner can change their non vbv to vbv by asking the bank to add phone security or by changing setting on their mobile banking app.

So even if you have a list of non vbv bin, they will work around 80% and 20% may have been turned to vbv by the owner.

Then there's nothing you can do.

That's why carders look for 2d sites (sites without 3d secure logo)
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