Virtual Carding If you have being wondering why transactions are being declined


Jul 14, 2020
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If you have being wondering why transactions are being declined......most time setups are not to be blamed...
At times some people are more security cautious with their CC.. Some had restrictions on them...
I will tell yu guys why orders get declined

1. There is no money on the card.

2. There is no required amount (debit) or credit limit (credit). Sometimes it happens that you can not spend the entire amount from a credit card at once, but only in small transactions;

3. Ban on international transactions. Sometimes this ban is set by the Bank, sometimes by the cardholder himself. Theoretically, it is possible to try to remove

4. Problems on the merchant's side;

5. Merchant does not accept cards from certain countries and your card falls under this rule;

6. Error when entering data, such as the card expiration date;

7. Merchant works with 3-D Secure and cuts off all cards without protection;

8. The Bank does not allow the payment, since the merchant's activity is not approved by the legislation of the card holder country, for example, most US banks and poker;

9. There is a filter for a specific BIN;

10. The merchant noticed the virtual machine;

11. Problems with the ip address. Someone has already hammered this Dedik into this merchant. Wrong IP by ZIP, address. SOCK in the black list. Most often, in such cases, the account is och.quickly block;

12. CardHolder / Bank limits the transaction amount, for example, parents set a limit on the child's card;

13. CardHolder himself put an measures, for example, the Bank should call them when making payments in online stores;

14. The card is already linked to another account;

It is rare, but there is: to pass the map of Japan or China in USA/EU merchants, the store must pass some kind of approval (I don't know exactly, but something flashed). If the store did not do this, the Chinese and Japanese cardboard will be rejected.
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