Virtual Carding Looking to Network with people and test some setups for donation and ecommerce platforms


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It's been A while since I have used GoFundMe and other Donation Non Profit (crowdfunding) to fund Bank accounts and I'm just trying to do as much research as I can and network with the right forums and people while I age some bank accounts . I'm mainly aiming to use the USA and maybe Canada as my scope for work. I would like to know which Donation Platforms with what Payment Gateways are thriving in the carding scene.

I'm just new here on blackbones but going to keep reading as I've found some decent info so far. But if anyone working with these type of setups could reply to this post with the type of setups there using with sucess I'd be ahead of the game...Or send me a DM so we can talk on telegram/XMPP or just the forum chat. I'm hoping to get some experienced people together and share some good info so we can all make our lives easier. I don't mind working on any type of Virtual Carding Platform (Donation, Ecommerce, Invoicing) Just HMU and we'll see what we can do any one with the correct info I need I'd be hugely greatful to hear something from you.

Thanks everyone ... Cheers!
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