Jun 28, 2020
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How not to make a mistake when buying a Paypal account?
Paypal is a popular payment system used worldwide. It allows tying cards, replenishing the internal account, moving funds quickly from one currency to another and making purchases with considerable convenience. The same delicious dish wasn't without a spoon of "tar" - namely carders. In this article I will tell you what to look for when purchasing a payment system account and what a carder needs.

Account balance
Accounts have internal balance and tied cards. First of all carders should be interested precisely balance of the account - funds for it have already been contributed and can be spent almost unlimited. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to check exactly how much money on the linked cards, and for this reason if the seller sells you an account and assures you that on the linked cards tens of thousands of dollars it is better to refuse to buy.

A very important factor is the currency that is available on the account. Of course, you can always exchange it for another, however, large exchanges can lead to the attention of system employees and temporary blocking of the account. It is best to purchase in advance exactly those accounts that have the necessary currency for your purchases.

Availability of purchases in shops
The wallet of the system can be tied to accounts in stores. This allows you to start shopping without repeat input your data. However, in addition, it allows for the bypassing of additional checks and the making of purchases without any major problems. However, Paypal can also cause additional complications when sending purchases to other countries - employee checks can spoil the entire process.

Paypal rarely informs its users of the expenses of their account. This allows to gradually pull all the money out of the account, however, it has to be unused for this purpose. It’s being tested by examining transactions over the last few months. Account sellers are usually initially notified about this so that the user doesn't have any problems with the account.
On the other hand, if the account is more than six months inactive - suspicious transactions system can be blocked, so you should look for «gold» balance.


Jul 4, 2020
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Thank u bro...but please i have a question... where Can i buy a PayPal account ? Do you have somes shops?
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