Paypal and Prepaid Debit Card Method


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So im a beginner to carding and I have had some success with it I got a cloud gaming subscription and the powerbeats pro by apple. But I want to make real money and I kinda came up with this method and I just want to hear your opinions and see if it would work

1. You need a good cc
2. Link the cc to a paypal that can send money
3. Get your prepaid debit card and activate it
4. Now you get another paypal account and link that activated prepaid debit card to the paypal account
5. You send a certain amount of money from the paypal account with the cc you bought to the paypal account with the prepaid debit card, apparently it should take up to 30 minutes to send
6. Go to an atm and cashout

Tbh this method sounds good cause you can get some good cash of it but heres the roadbump

1. How would I activate the prepaid debit card since some of them require photo id?

Like that part is really confusing me so if any vets can reply and just give me tips on how to work around that it would be great
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