Virtual Carding Setups for carding


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So i been looking into carding for little over a month only. Btrying to learn as much possible before taking my first stab at it.
Theres slot of opinions of setups also what/where you card.
So for sure you can never have enough protection.
I know how to use proxies and have purchased access to proxie service.
I got a vm installed with diffrent tools that obscure the pc.
I also got my self a hold on a rdp
On the side. I have a elderly android phone that has been rooted. Able to spoof gps location no sim with macchanger
I got a good vpn subscription too

So i guess my question is how much do you protect ur self?

Do you go all out. Main pc - - >vm vpn to rdp. Use proxy from rdp

Or do you suffice with using main pc protected by vpn/proxy

What about bluestacks on a vm. Acting as a android device. Vpn and spoofed gps cords.
Thinking ill use vpn from main pc to my rdp snd proxy from there. Firefox. Http header acent etc Thoughts/pointers?
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