Newbie Questions What is better socks5 or ssh? What set up do you guys use?


Oct 11, 2020
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How do you setup ssh? I've been trying to figure it out but it seems a little complicated.

What setup do you guys use? I've tried to use antidetect once but i burned the card I think or i did something wrong. I might have bought a bad card too. I got one from the "instock" website they sell cheap cc's. I forgot to check if the card was valid so i didn't get a refund. I've heard multiple things when it comes to checking cc's. I've heard that if you check the cc on the website it will kill the card.... I've also heard that if you check the card on the website you bought it from you should wait a couple hours before you use it or wait 24 hours to be safe.

Can anybody help me with these questions? I know it is a lot but I'm kind of new and i want to make sure I'm doing it right.

Thank you,
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