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Aug 13, 2020
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Note: This is from my dread

Hi guys, I will be discussing everything from how to start off your setup to how to test that things are working perfectly, I hope you enjoy and learn something new as this took me quite a bit to write up.

So, let's get started!


Table of Contents:

1.0 - Comparing VT13 & LS
2.0 - The Setup



RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol, you basically are connecting to another PC over the internet
Antidetect - The main purpose of using an antidetect is to change your fingerprint from looking unique to looking like an average computer
Virtual Machine / VM - A basic explanation would be a computer inside of your computer
Fingerprint - Information about your browser / system that is used for identifying your device


1.0 - Comparing VT13 & LS


Virtualbox based, can be used with many OS
Browser based

Free version and personal version available
Paid only, $30 - 1 week test, $100 per Month - light plan, $500 per 6 Months - pro plan, $900 per 1 Year - premium plan

Many videos on how to set things up, along with telegram groups, RU / EN
Few videos on setting up but fairly straight forward

2.0 - The Setup

There are many configurations and different setups you can go for, like using an RDP, however what I talk about is universal and also applies to a VM.

First we will setup our SOCK5 proxy in the RDP, this is recommended because most RDP's do not have a residential IP address.
Go to proxifier and install the latest version, this will ensure that you will never leak your real IP, whereas services like 911 only affect the browser and not the system.
Once your proxy is setup, run some tests to make sure it is not blacklisted, the services I will link to all use different API's so you will get different results across, but it should be the same generally. - Fraud Score - Fraud Score - Blacklist - Risk Level - Blacklists + Reputation - Reputation - Blacklist Lookup

After you have confirmed your proxy is clean, its your choice if you want to go and card your product, but I recommend going further and checking your fingerprint / any leaks. - Leaks - Leaks - Leaks - Fingerprint + General System - Fingerprint - General System Anonymity

Through whoer you want to go for 100% anonymity, you can do this by changing your system language to the proxy language and your time and date to match your proxy region, regarding fingerprints this is where antidetects come in, you want to have a common fingerprint and one that is not detected as being spoofed, I think VektorT13 does a great job with this, you might be asking why do you want to look like you have a regular PC, because not many people go out of their way to use a RDP / VM for their online purchases, keeping in mind every transaction automatically gets a fraud score calculated from 0 - 999 you want to look like an everyday customer.


There are a lot of different ways to get a good carding setup, from using an RDP to using a mobile device, this is one of many possibilities.
I did not discuss everything to do with setups but only the major important things in this post.
Credits go to /u/premierghost & /u/weedmaster1

Thank you,
Have a great day,
- PremierGhost
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