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    News Apple users fall victim to fraudulent cryptocurrency trading apps

    Researchers at cybersecurity company ESET have identified malware masquerading as cryptocurrency trading applications and distributed among macOS users. Attackers copied the interface of the Kattana trading platform. On the fake pages, they offered to download cryptocurrency...
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    Cryptocurrency Another Bitcoin Stimulus Check Might Be Around The Corner

    The US government might send out another wave of stimulus checks to their citizens, which some might use to buy bitcoin (BTC) or altcoins - and which would in effect (ironically) mean that the BTC-skeptic Donald Trump, who is seeking reelection this November, might inadvertently help crypto...
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    Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Miners Hodl More As BTC Trades Sideways Ahead of Difficulty Increase

    Bitcoin (BTC) miners have been hodling more for several weeks now, as the price holds above the USD 9,000 mark. Meanwhile, BTC mining might become more difficult in a week. It seems that at the time when more Bitcoin miners have been turning their machines on, increasing hashrate, or the...
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    Cryptocurrency Unknown CyberCrime Gang Holds Thousands of Databases for Ransom

    MongoDB suffered a “Wiping & Ransom” attack that wiped around 22,900 unsecured databases. Cross-platform database company, MongoDB, is the latest victim of a cybercriminal attack. This attack has infiltrated 22,900 unsecured databases by wiping their contents. The gang behind the attack has...
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    Cryptocurrency Dalio Says Capital Markets Are ‘Not Free‘ as Central Banks Drive Economy

    Bridgewater CIO Ray Dalio claims capital markets are no longer free as central banks drive more of the economy. Ray Dalio, the billionaire hedge fund manager and founder and chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates, believes capital markets are no longer free. Speaking to Bloomberg...
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    Cryptocurrency Mac Users Beware — New Ransomware Targets Apple Computers

    EvilQuest ransomware is launching attacks against macOS users through infected installers. A new ransomware is targeting macOS users who download installers for popular apps via torrent files. Known as EvilQuest, the attack was first spotted by Dinesh Devadoss, a K7 Lab malware researcher...
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